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What is PATH?
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Pocono Area Transitional Housing (PATH) is a private 501(c)(3)nonprofit charitable corporation founded by Church Women United, local business leaders and community members. The purpose of PATH is to organize and operate housing with related services for the care and relief of families with children in a housing crisis in Monroe County. Accommodations are available for up to thirty-five (35) persons, depending on the size of individual families.

A Safe Place
Resident families are each provided with a furnished bedroom (or two for larger families). Resident share a lounge, bath and dining area. Kitchen facilities include individual studio refrigerators and private cupboard space. PATH staff is available to provide support 24 hours a day. A case manager works with clients to identify their needs and help them attain their goals.

A helping hand

Participating in the PATH program means families will work at resolving their particular housing needs. PATH will help families establish goals and identify objectives leading to success for each family. They must set up a saving plan to be able to have a security deposit and first month’s rent. Budgeting and income stabilization are also addressed.

Families may be in need of assistance from other service agencies and will be given appropriate community referrals. Obtaining a GED, health, nutrition, housekeeping, organizational habits, improving parenting and other coping skills, may also be part of their individual plan for success.

The ultimate goal of PATH is that each resident family will be able to not only obtain, but maintain their housing.

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