A Young Mother with 2 Children Came to PATH...

A mother with 2 children came to PATH from Women’s Resources. This family was fleeing a domestic violence situation and did not have a family support system.

She had just gotten a temp job when she moved into the PATH program, so her main goal was to save money and prepare to move into her own home. She was doing great with saving her money and was even able to purchase a car. Things were moving along very well when she lost her job because the person she was replacing came back to the company from her leave. Unfortunately she did not qualify for unemployment since she did not have enough time at the job. She felt like she was back at square one. We were able to guide her to the County Assistance office where she was able to get into the PathStone program. While there she was able to find another job with more potential than the first.

Because this family was at PATH when this mom lost her job we were able to provide the extra help needed so that this family could remain on a positive road to independence. Public housing came along for her and today this family is living independently in a very stable manner due to her participation in the PATH program. We are still working with her to assist her in going back to school to get a degree in nursing.

In Mid-November We Said Goodbye and Celebrated the Success...

In mid-November we said goodbye and celebrated the success of a special family. This family had been with us for a little over a year. This is one of the cases when a family stays with us because a baby is born while they are at PATH.

This mother was not only pregnant when she came to us but she had two sons and was fleeing a very bad domestic violent situation. PATH was her only hope. Her father lived in another state and was never a support system and her mother left the family when this mother was young. She had no extended family.

Because PATH was there when this mother needed us, she was able to go forward and become independent. She was a wonderful mother. She did not yell at her sons. She spoke quietly and meant what she said. She truly spent quality time with her boys. Before her baby was a year old she chose to go into the Welfare to Work Program. She stayed true to course and got a job. At her job she was willing to whatever her boss wanted her to do and expressed a willingness to learn. Because of this she was moved from housekeeping to working at the front desk when they were short staffed. She also learned how to drive and purchased a car.

All during her time at PATH she was diligent in saving and managing her money. When she left PATH she was able to manage her own bank account. When her name came up to receive an apartment through the Housing Authority she was ready. It was so very exciting to see a mother who was fearful and alone to be able to step into independence and success.