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Frequently Asked Questions

About PATH

Q. What is PATH House?


PATH House is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization committed to strengthening family life and dignity through self-sufficiency. We are supported with grants and also rely on the generosity of local individuals, faith communities, civic-minded groups, clubs, organizations, and our local business community for financial assistance. We also pursue and welcome support from both private and corporate grant sources.


Q. What role does PATH House fulfill in the community?

When a homeless family has a safe place to stay with their child, they can then begin to focus on working on themselves to improve their education and work skills in order to achieve independence. PATH House fulfills a great and growing need in our community. A temporary answer is a homeless shelter. A more promising answer is a transitional housing program that provides a safe and welcoming place.


Q. Is homelessness really a problem for families living in the Poconos?


Single women with young children represent the fastest growing segment of the homeless population nationally. Many of these families live in our local shelters while others live doubled up in the home of friends. Top reasons families experience homelessness include:

1.      Employment – loss of a job; underemployment due to lack of education and skills and/or low wages

2.      Housing – lack of suitable and affordable housing

3.      Family Problems – fractured relationships, domestic violence, poverty, lack of support


Q. What is Transitional Housing?

Transitional housing is a viable option for helping people overcome all kinds of obstacles to independent living. For our clients the obstacles are often a combination of inadequate education, skills, childcare, transportation, and the lack of a supportive network. Ttransitional housing gives PATH House women the time necessary to build assets to lead them to a life of self-sufficiency for themselves and their child.


Q. What are your eligibility requirements?

PATH House is not right for everyone. Lifestyle change takes commitment and hard work. Some women have problems that will make it difficult for them to succeed in our program or that exceed the resources and parameters of our program. Applicants must demonstrate the desire and motivation to benefit from and make the greatest use of all services offered. Additionally, an applicant:

·         Must be at least 18 years old.

·         Must have legal custody of her children who currently live with her.

·         Must understand that PATH House is a self-sufficiency program that includes transitional housing in

           its array of services. It is not a shelter nor do we offer emergency housing.


Q. How many families can PATH House serve?

PATH can house 13 family bedrooms split between our two PATH houses.  Individual family bedrooms with shared space allow families to function with a reasonable degree of privacy and independence while rebuilding their lives.

Q. How long are families allowed to stay?

We emphasize personal responsibility and accountability. Making progress toward goals established for improved well-being and independence takes time, determination, and hard work. The average length of stay is 4-6 months.



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